Kim Kardashian West wants to pose nude again.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star would love to strip off again for a photoshoot so she can show the efforts of her healthy eating and hard work at the gym.

Responding to rumours that she was planning a naked photoshoot to show off her post-baby body, she wrote on her official app: ''This had been my dream, for people to think that I'm so, like, fit. Just because when you work so hard you want people to see a difference. So, didn't think about it, but, now that you say it I for sure should do a nude photo shoot.''

It comes after Kim - who has four-year-old daughter North and eight-month-old son Saint with her husband Kanye West - defended taking her infamous nude selfie, revealing she did so because she thought it would be the last time she'd have a good body.

She explained: ''I was actually pregnant in that photo. I just found out I was pregnant and so I had to dye my hair back. I thought, 'You know what this is my one last shot of a good photo before my body is done,' so I took a pic ... I was truly was baffled when people still cared. They have seen me naked 500 times.''

And the 36-year-old television personality insisted she isn't often upset by online critics as she has a ''thick skin''.

She shared: ''I have thick skin and this isn't for everyone. I can see why people get hurt and are bothered by it. I do break down at times. I'm just like it's not OK for people to say these awful things. For people to have all this keyboard courage to say the craziest things about you is OK and it's not OK.''