Kim Kardashian West wants her children to live as ''normal'' a life as possible.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star is really aware of how her international fame could impact on her four-year-old daughter North and her 20-month-old son Saint - who she shares with her husband Kanye West - and she is doing all she can to keep them out of the spotlight.

She said: ''[I want to] raise our kids to be really aware. I think that's all you can do. The more you talk about things and keep them out in the open, the more they won't be taboo. Kids are already so open. They say anything. So if you educate them, they feel like they have this knowledge and then they feel empowered.

''I'm a little bit more protective of my daughter. We have strict rules about the kids. Some seasons they're not on at all. Some seasons they're on a little bit, just to show a bit of personality, although there are never storylines about them. But then there's social media, on which I've always been really open. When I'm out and people call North's name, that's when it's weird for me. She lives such a normal life, believe it or not, at home.''

And Kim does her best to ensure North embraces being biracial.

The 36-year-old television personality added to Interview magazine: ''I'm very conscious of it. Kanye always has his family around and people who look like my daughter - that's important to me.

''North's obsessed with her curly hair. If she finds someone who has the same hair, she runs to them and is like, 'You have curly hair like me?' And we get to talk about it.''

Meanwhile, Kim previously admitted her ''priorities changed'' after she became a mother.

She shared: ''Having kids changes everything - in the best way possible. Thank you to my babies for choosing me and allowing me to be your mom.''