Kim Kardashian West's new eyeshadow shades were inspired by her wedding.

The 37-year old 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star recently unveiled her newest KKW Beauty collection in collaboration with her long term make-up artist and friend, Mario Dedivanovic, and he revealed the pair took inspiration from her iconic looks, such as her bronzed wedding make-up, to create the shades in their eyeshadow palette.

Speaking to Allure Magazine, he said: ''We've created so many looks together - thousands of them, really - and for months I just kept going through the images on both my current phone and my old phone and screen-grabbing them for reference. I would pull images, cropping out and zooming into the eyes or lips, and then narrow it down from there, choosing the more iconic moments that her fans loved so much, the ones that got re-created on YouTube by so many people, and then of course the everyday glam moments that she loves and that I love.

''Like there was a look we did in Miami: I forget the year, but I had it on my inspiration board, and we actually named one of the shadows Miami because of it. Some of the shades were inspired by her wedding, for example.''

Mario and Kim knew they wanted a make-up range which would be versatile enough for fans to recreate a variety of looks and they started planning the collection even before KKW Beauty launched in 2017.

He explained: ''Even before Kim started her makeup line, we talked about how she wanted her first collaboration to be with me, so that's when I actually started planning it,''

''We wanted products that people could use to re-create basically any look that we've ever done, there have always been certain key eye shadow and lip colours that I've used on Kim, and while over the years we've used tons of different products, they've always been the same shades. So basically what we did was took all those specific shades and perfected them for exactly how we like them, how we like to use them, and what we like to pair them with.''