Kim Kardashian West was ''worried'' she wouldn't fit into her Met Gala dress.

The 37-year-old 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star went on a health cleanse in the weeks leading up to the star-studded event in order to show off her famous curves, but after shedding ''six or seven pounds'' she had doubts about whether her hourglass figure would fill out the custom Versace dress she was wearing.

However, her worries were soon put to rest at her dress fitting, where she tried on the chain-mail gown and it ''fit like a glove''.

Posting on her website and app, she said: ''I was actually really nervous about wearing the dress because I did a cleanse a couple of weeks before and lost six or seven pounds. At the final fitting, I was worried it wouldn't fit. When I tried it on, though, it fit like a glove. It was perfection!''

Kim kept her fans updated on social media sharing her weight loss progress online.

She posted: ''Today is day four of the cleanse and I am five lbs. down''

Kim decided to rock two Versace dresses at the event - which she attended alongside her mother Kris Jenner, 62, and sister Kylie Jenner, 20 - and wore the iconic ''bondage-inspired'' dress that supermodel Helena Christenson wore in 1992 to the after-party, which she said was a ''dream come true''.

Kim explained: ''I found the exact piece that Helena Christensen wore on the runway in a 1992 Versace show.

''It was bondage-inspired, so the top was cutout leather with gold detail and the bottom was a minidress, since this was right after the Met Gala, I kept the bronzy glam Mario had done on me, but decided to go a little edgier with the outfit. It was a dream come true to re-create this vibe.''