Kim Kardashian West has hired a nutritionist to help her lose weight.

The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star, who is married to rapper Kanye West, recently gained 15 pounds after indulging in ''really bad'' food and wants to learn how to cook healthier meals for the sake of their 19-month-old daughter, North.

The 34-year-old beauty said: ''I just started seeing a nutritionist because... I eat really bad.

''I just started to eat really healthy and work out more and just try to change my lifestyle. Especially when you have a baby, I want to know what to cook and how to cook healthier.''

Despite wanting to slim-down, Kim admits she and Kanye ''have been trying'' to have another baby.

Asked if they are planning to have a second child, she said: ''I hope so, we've been trying. We have been trying. I'm praying about it. I am not pregnant right now, not that I know of, but no, I'm not. I wish I was. I'm about 15 pounds heavier, but I'm not [pregnant.]''

Meanwhile, the glamorous star filmed a new T-Mobile ad that will air during the Super Bowl next Sunday (01.02.15) to prove she doesn't take herself too seriously.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''I think you have to have a sense of humour. The commercial is so funny and I think for once you see I'm kinda poking fun of the idea of the ridiculousness of everyone and their selfies. I love it, I'm a big fan of selfies, I've taken them for decades. I'm always on my phone, I have multiple phones.''