Kim Kardashian West has been called a ''tremendous blessing'' by a man she has helped throughout his prison release.

Earlier this year Matthew Charles was released from jail after serving 20 years of his 35 year sentence for non-violent drug and weapons charges, and the reality TV star vowed to pay for his rent for the next five years after he became the first person to be released from jail under new prison reform laws.

Speaking to TMZ about the impact Kim is having on people in similar situations, Matthew said: ''They will have the ability to go fill out job interviews, go to medical appointments, as well as interact with their family.

''Overall, she has been a tremendous blessing on congressional reform. Her celebrity status and her voice is very necessary, and has provided results.''

Kim, 38, reportedly reached out to Matthew - who had his housing application denied because of his background - privately after hearing of his story on social media and made the generous offer.

His comments come days after the 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star - who is registered with the California State Bar and currently studying to become a lawyer - appeared at the White House for an event promoting ways to help former prisoners return to the workforce.

Speaking on Thursday (13.06.19), she announced a new ride share partnership with Lyft, which will give them gift cards to allow them to get rides to and from interviews.

She thanked US President Donald Trump for his ''compassion'' and help with the project, while describing it as ''a huge honour'' to be at the White House for the announcement.

She also tweeted earlier in the day: ''I'm honoured to be a part of the announcement that the administration and the private sector are stepping up to create opportunities for these men and women to succeed once home.

''Proud to partner on this initiative with @Lyft, a company with a history of taking bold action to do what's right for our community. Thank you for providing ride share credits to formally incarcerated people when they come home.''