Kim Kardashian West thinks she was to blame for being robbed at gunpoint.

The 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star was the victim of a terrifying theft in Paris, France, three years ago which saw armed intruders tie her up as they made away with millions of dollars worth of jewellery, and the 39-year-old beauty believes it was something she ''brought on'' herself because she was ''flashy'' and overshared about her lavish lifestyle.

She said: ''I definitely see the things that I brought on myself, the biggest being the robbery. Just being flashy and oversharing my every move on social media.

''But I enjoy my life. Someone said to me the other day, ''What is it like being you?'' It's awesome.''

Kim - who has children North, six, Saint, three, Chicago, 22 months, and Psalm, six months, with husband Kanye West - grew less materialistic after the robbery and the incident made her realise she wanted to study to become a lawyer and help other people.

She told New York magazine: ''I truly think once I got robbed, it took something out of me in the best way.

''All the things that really mattered to me then deeply -- how many bags I had, what car I drove ... I still like all that stuff, but it doesn't matter. It could go away.

''For so long, people have tried to partner me with things. But this was the first thing where I thought, You know what? I want to go to law school. I want to help people. Let me work for the next 10 years and build up my brands, and then one day, in 10 years, just give up being Kim K. and become a lawyer.

''And now I've come to a realisation about what I care about. No publicist would have ever told me to get into prison reform. It was always like, Get into Operation This and Children That.''

Despite feeling her high profile has led her into some bad situations, Kim has no regrets about being in the public eye.

She said: ''I've never regretted it. I've always felt like I'm so grateful to have all of those memories on-camera. I will look back and think, Oh my God, what was I wearing? Why is my make-up like that?

''But I can sit back and laugh and think it's funny to see how much I cared and me wanting to be famous so badly. I can laugh at it now, 'Oh my God, I was desperate!' ''