Kim Kardashian has reportedly sold exclusive coverage of her engagement and wedding for $1 million. Kim Kardashian's nuptials will be covered by People Magazine, according to the New York Post's Page Six.
Despite securing the lucrative coverage, the magazine's editors are reportedly concerned that public fascination of the reality star may be waning. Kardashian became engaged to the Nba star Kris Humphries last month, with the magazine paying an initial $300,000 before making a second deal for wedding rights of just over $1 million. According to sources, magazine staffers are concerned their investment won't be fully recouped. Rival magazine 'OK' reportedly made an offer of nearly $2 million but eventually pulled out of the bidding. An insider said, "People's Kim engagement cover sold well, but did not as well as they hoped. Over a million copies were sold, which is good but not their best. And when you spend that much on a cover story, you expect it to sell". Recent allegations that Kim was unfaithful to her fiance with Nfl player Bret Lockett appear to have damaged the star's reputation, with one source saying. "Some editors think the cheating scandal and the over-the-top ring and wedding could be a turn-off".
Kim Kardashian's reality show 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' continues to draw record viewing figures, with 4.7 million tuning in for the season-five premiere in August 2010. There is currently no date set for the wedding.