Kim Kardashian has been living life to the full across in Dubai where she's been on a five-day promotional tour that's included camel rides, trips to the mall and the Uae city's aquarium.
A woman renowned for her good dress sense, Kardashian was largely on good form throughout the week apart from the somewhat odd spectacle of being seen wearing a pair of towering Christian Louboutin heels when camel trekking across the desert with her mother, Kris Jenner.
Elsewhere, the famous entrepreneur appeared on the cat walk at a Dubai shopping mall wearing a floor-length scarlet gown to a crowd of hundreds, reports the Daily Mail, and though stunning herself she also had some kind words for the women of the Uae, taking to Twitter to reference her husband when saying "Seriously the woman in Dubai are sooo gorgeous!!! I'm sure @RobKardashian is so jealous he didn't come with me! Wow these woman are beautiful!"
Kardashian's turn at the mall caused a huge ruckus, reported The National, with the 31 year-old there to launch her own self-named perfume. Ghyath Ardroumli, area manager of Septhora - the shop where the fragrance is to be launched - said people had started queuing more than three hours in advance, adding "Our security guards are managing things well. This is excellent for the Middle East. It helps put countries like the Uae on the map."
The star has now returned to the US.