Kim Kardashian watch out. As if Harry Styles recent relationship with Caroline Flack didn't raise enough eyebrows, the One Direction singer seems to be setting his sights on the U.S. reality star, Heatworld reports today (March 19, 2012). The young pop star, who recently turned 18, seized the opportunity whilst he was on a US radio station, holding up a picture of the reality TV star, with a Post-It Note that read "Call Me, Maybe?"
Harry found himself at the centre of a media spectacle when he began dating Caroline Flack, who was 14 years older than him. Kim's only a year younger than Caroline though, so if he wants to stay away from controversy, he may find that he still needs to find someone a little closer to his teenage years, if he wants to keep the gossip-merchants at bay. Harry's evidently lacking experience in this dating game though, as he failed to put his phone number on the Post-It Note so Kim might have to resort to Twitter if she wants to get in touch with him. Twitter seemed to work for his band mate Niall, who's been chatting to Kim's younger sister Khloe Kardashian, trying to get her along to one of the One Direction tour dates in the U.S.