Attorneys for reality star Kim Kardashian have confirmed she has filed a lawsuit against clothing company Gap Inc, accusing the brand of knowingly hiring a model who has a striking resemblance to herself, reports Reuters
Kim's lawsuit suggests bosses at 'Old Navy' knew what they were doing when they launched a campaign in February featuring model Melissa Molinaro - a woman often regarded as a 'Kardashian lookalike'. The suit, filed in the US District Court for the Central District of California against Gap Inc, states, "The infringing ads are likely to cause confusion, and have caused actual confusion, in the minds of the consuming public as to an association of Kim Kardashian with defendants' products and services". The advert in question features Molinaro getting her nails done, dancing in a supermarket and walking her dog - all while looking strikingly similar to Kardashian. The lawsuit alleges unfair competition and violation of California common law right of publicity.
Kim, who is set to marry fiance Kris Humprhies in Montecito on 20th August 2011, is seeking an injunction barring Gap and Old Navy from using her 'likeness' in their advertising. She is also requesting an unspecified amount of compensation and damages.