Kim Kardashian has aired her disbelief at the jury's decision to find Casey Anthony not guilty in her high profile murder trial. The 25-year-old woman from Florida was cleared of killing her two-year-old child in a high-public trial that had American audiences captivated.
Kardashian had spoken of her anticipation at the verdict early on Tuesday (5th July 2011), tweeting, "The jury reached a verdict on the Casey Anthony trial. I can't wait for the verdict to be announced today! Who will be tuned in?" Despite maintaining her innocence throughout the trial, it was expected that Anthony would be found guilty. After a judge declared that Casey had been cleared of murder, aggravated manslaughter and aggravated child abuse, social networking websites lit up with reaction. Kardashian was among those to air their discontent, saying, "What!!!!???!!!! Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty!!!! I am speechless!!!" The reality star received a wave of messages concerning her involvement with the OJ Simpson trial - her father defended the football star when he was acquitted of murder in 1995. However, Kim hit back at the jibes, saying, "Reading the comments here &its nuts people think just bc I was close to the OJ trial I can't have my own opinion on the Casey Anthony case?".
Later in the day, Kim Kardashian was joined by numerous other celebrities who responded to the shock verdict. Actress Jessica Alba called the acquittal "revolting" on her Twitter page.