Everyone's had a public opinion on it other than the man Kim Kardashian 's currently seeing, but some five years after the most famous of the socialite family kickstarted her own career with a lewd sex tape including then boyfriend Ray J, Kanye West has come out with what would appear to be his thoughts on it.
Unsurprisingly for a man who has written the song Perfect B*tch about his current girlfriend, Ye seems to be pretty proud of what Kim did to further her career. Taken from his upcoming single Clique from his forthcoming album Cruel Summer Yeezy sings "Eat breakfast at Gucci. My girl a superstar all from a home movie." Which is nice isn't it.
Elsewhere though West has been pondering about the potential negative connotations of the word b*tch on twitter. In a long series of tweets, he mused "Is it acceptable for a man to call a woman a bitch even if it's endearing. Initially was offended by anyone questioning anything in my music." He added, turning the question onto his own work. "Is it ok to use b*tch as long as we put Bad in front of it? Like you a Bad B*Tch." We couldn't possibly comment, Ye, although it seems that despite your musings you've made your own mind up given your repeated use of it.