Kim Kardashian has hit back at fans who slammed her for getting Botox injections during an episode of hit show 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' that aired on Sunday 19th September, reports US Magazine. The 29-year-old reality star is currently on a European tour promoting the series, but she took time out to 'clear some things up' on her official website.

After some fans had expressed their concerns over the procedure show on Sunday's episode, Kardashian posted a message on Wednesday that read, "On the show you saw I had some bruising around my eyes after the procedure, which is totally natural. But because I hadn't looked into the side effects, I freaked out. In no way was Dr. Kassabian a bad doctor. It wasn't a botched job at all!" However, the socialite and model admitted that Botox isn't always the way forward, especially for those of a young age, she said, " I am not against Botox, and I would never judge anyone else for getting any kind of surgical or non-surgical procedure, but I think when you're young there are other ways you can look after your skin".

The New York Times recently reported how 18-year-old CHARICE PEMPENGCO had come under fire for getting Botox injections in order to prepare for her role in Season 2 of 'Glee'.