Kim Kardashian has admitted her pregnancy can be ''a little painful at times''.

The reality TV star was taken to hospital after feeling unwell on a plane trip from Paris to Los Angeles recently and although she has completely recovered from her health scare, she admitted pregnancy isn't always easy.

She told E! News: ''It's a little painful at times. I've gotten sick a couple of times and that puts you out especially when you travel. It's getting a little more difficult.''

It was recently revealed Kim's boyfriend Kanye West and mother Kris Jenner have been urging her to slow down during her pregnancy.

A source said: ''Kim's got a real wake up call. Kanye's been on her the last few weeks to slow down but she's carried on regardless.

''Even her mom has been warning her to slow down but Kim's been on a hormone high, she's been using up her energy on working and not leaving much for the baby. Its a classic first time pregnancy error.

''Kim now sees she can't do it all the way she used to. She has to think about the baby's needs. It's definitely an adjustment.''