Kim Kardashian says North is ''fascinated'' by her beauty regime.

The reality TV star has revealed her 13-month-old daughter loves to watch her mother get ready and it gives them some quality time together.

She told ''North actually will totally sit on my lap and is fascinated when I'm getting my hair blown out.

''And when I'm getting my makeup done [too] I'll give her a little makeup brush, and she'll be entertained.''

Kim also explained how becoming her growing family with husband Kanye West has meant she isn't able to get spray tanned as often as she used to, and has instead decided to do it herself because it's hard to find time to make an appointment.

She added: ''I used to spray tan more before I got married. I would get it so dark and look so crazy ... I don't really have as much time [now], so I just like to spray myself.

''The baby and husband are in bed sleeping, I spray myself and go to bed. No one wants to come in the middle of the night once everyone's down, so it just makes it easy.''