Kim Kardashian left Kanye West's apartment the morning (April 5, 2012) after their movie date in New York City last night. The pair are reportedly dating again and Kardashian was photographed leaving the rapper's apartment wearing the same clothes as the evening before, reports the UK's Daily Mail.
Kardashian snuck into her waiting car and headed back to her hotel in the city, donning a pair of leather trousers and white vest. The relationship has strangely come about just days after West released his new song 'Theraflu', which references their first attempt at romance. Lyrics include, "And the whole industry wants to f*** your old chick.Only n**** I got respect for is Wiz.And I admit I fell in love with Kim around the same time she fell in love with him". Earlier this year, West's ex-girlfriend Amber Rose - who is now engaged to Wiz Khalifa - claimed Kim Kardashian was the reason the couple first split, saying, "She's a homewrecker! They were both cheating. They were both cheating on me and Reggie with each other".