Kim Kardashian is set for further drama this holiday season as she battles to cope with the fall-out from her divorce announcement - the reality TV star is to be mocked by animal rights activists at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) on a huge Los Angeles billboard.
The reality star, who split from husband Kris Humphries after just 72 days of marriage last month (Oct11), has disappeared from the Hollywood scene in the wake of the media scrutiny surrounding the break-up - but she's about to become a headline grabber again for all the wrong reasons.
Peta bosses are planning to kick her while she's down as part of an attack on the socialite for repeatedly wearing animal skin products - despite the organisation's efforts to persuade her to give up her furs and animal skin clothing and accessories.
Kardashian's image will be plastered on a massive campaign billboard next to a photo of baby foxes, alongside the message: "Kim: These Babies Miss Their Mother. Is She on Your Back?"
The billboard will be available for all to see throughout the holiday season above a busy Beverly Hills intersection.
Announcing the move, which Peta bosses hope will prompt Kardashian to dump her furs, organisation vice-president Lisa Lange says, "Kim knows that animals on fur farms are beaten, electrocuted, and often skinned alive. We've explained it to her, and she's watched a video expose that was filmed inside fur farms.
"When Kim is ready to put an end to her relationship with fur, Peta will be happy to take her discards and donate them to the homeless."
The advert is the latest humiliation Kardashian has had to deal with at the hands of Peta - she was named the group's Worst-Dressed Celebrity last year (10).
Ironically, sister Khloe has bared all for one of Peta's 'I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur' campaign ads.