Kim Kardashian is a "loner".

The brunette beauty - who was recently romantically linked to Halle Berry's ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry - admits she prefers her own company, with her sister Khloe Kardashian insisting the socialite rarely gets approached by guys.

Kim told 'The Today Show' host Matt Lauer: "I'm a loner."

Khloe added: "It's true, she doesn't get asked out a lot. Although she is going a little boy crazy recently."

Meanwhile, Kim, Khloe and their other sister Kourtney have revealed they were taught the value of money by their parents Kris and Robert from an early age, with Kim even having to pay interest on money she borrowed from her father.

They wrote in their new book 'Kardashian Konfidential': "Our dad used to say, 'Nothing in life is for free, you girls aren't going to get just whatever you want.' So no credit cards. He did let us use his credit card but we still had to pay for our own stuff beyond the basics. Our parents wouldn't foot the bill for Gucci shoes or designer clothes. If we wanted to do any serious shopping, we had to come up with the cash. "Kim even went into debt with our dad once and had to pay him back plus interest. It was just a couple thousand dollars, but to us, that was a lot. And our mom and dad made it very clear that we would be totally cut off after we finished school. So we all learned early on if you want money, you have to earn it."