Kim Kardashian's pregnancy scare was a ''wake-up call''.

The reality star was rushed to hospital after she was taken in on a flight back to Los Angeles from Paris on Tuesday (05.03.13) and the buxom beauty is reportedly petrified to receive the test results from her doctors.

According to the New York Post, a source said: ''She's awaiting test results. Kim's really scared - this has been a wake-up call that she really needs to slow down and take care of herself. Friends are telling her to lay off the high heels and the high fashion.''

Kim, 32, hasn't changed her hectic schedule since falling pregnant for the first time with boyfriend Kanye West's baby, and her obsession with staying slim and working out is thought to have triggered her health problems.

However, the fame-loving star appeared to have realised she needs to rethink her priorities and ensure she gets plenty of rest for the sake of her unborn daughter.

A source close to Kim added: ''She's very responsible about meeting all her appointments. But she realises this is something serious.''

Meanwhile, Kim's sister Khloe reassured worried fans, saying: ''Mommy and baby are doing fine and just taking it easy.''