Kim Kardashian asks her sister Kourtney for parenting advice.

The 35-year-old reality TV star - who has Mason, four, and Penelope, two, with her partner Scott Disick - admits the 33-year-old beauty turns to her for tips on how to bring up her 14-month-old daughter North.

Kourtney told the October issue of Natural Health magazine: ''[My kids] love [North] so much. I'm so happy that Penelope gets to grow up with a cousin close to her age, too.

''They're less than a year apart. Kim asks me for advice a lot, but she's such a great mom, very nurturing. It's nice to see how people [parent] differently.

''Our kids are all lucky to have many different people around them to give them so much love.''

Meanwhile, Kourtney - who is pregnant with her third child - insists she was forced to learn the importance of healthy eating when she first fell pregnant in 2009.

She explained: ''I was not raised this way--people just weren't as aware of healthy eating as they are today. When I got home from school, my snack was a bag of chips or cookies, and as an adult, I didn't even know what organic meant--I'd just go to the market and buy the same things my mom bought. I didn't really have any thoughts about it before I had my kids.

''Starting off, I was big on breastfeeding; I nursed my first for 14 months and my second for 16. That was important to me. Then I began making their baby food myself, all of it organic. After that, I was super cautious about what to introduce into their diets.''