In the latest episode of Kim & Kourtney Take New York, Kim Kardashian is seen consulting a psychic, in the hope that she will be able to connect with her late father, Robert Kardashian and possibly work through some of the relationship problems that she has been having with her husband Kris Humphries. Viewers of the show already know the outcome of the relationship, though as off-camera, the couple have already divorced, after just 72 days of marriage.
A report from Usa Today states that Kim Kardashian decides to embark on a consultation with the psychic, John Edward, who just happens to share the same publicity agent as Kim herself. The reality star tells her younger sister Kourtney "I feel like there's a lot I've been through emotionally and mentally that I really think I'll find comfort in connecting with my dad again". During the meeting with the psychic - which, like most of Kim's life, was played out in front of the cameras - John Edward mentions the possibility of a pregnancy in the family and Kim suggests that Khloe has been "trying to get pregnant"
Elsewhere in the episode, frustrations between Kim and Kris are evident, with Kris apparently angry that Kim refuses to make time in her busy schedule to see his sister, who is visiting town. He says to his socialite wife: "Kim, you could have made an effort. You make time for Khloe, your mom, everyone that comes in town" and when she admits to feeling bad, Humphries retorts "I'm sure she's over your 'I'm -too-busy-for-anyone' attitude." The latest episode was touted as 'part one' of the season finale.