Kim Kardashian has quit eating cheeseburgers so she can have a sexy figure.

The socialite's mouth waters at the thought of the calorific treat but she rarely indulges her craving because she knows burgers are bad for her.

Kim - who has shown off her body in a number of men's magazines - said: "I love cheeseburgers but with my life the way it is it's all about fitness now. I do love my cheeseburgers but they don't love me when it comes to my figure. I can sneak one in very occasionally but otherwise it's lots of exercise and a healthy diet."

Kim is not the only star who has had to give up their favourite foods for the sake of their career.

Gerard Butler recently admitted he goes "crazy" when he has to diet for his roles.

The 39-year-old star - who had to slim down for his shirtless scenes in new film 'Law Abiding Citizen' - said: "I want to eat my potatoes and french fries and sponge cakes.

"When I play a role like this, I can't have my carbs and it makes me crazy!"