Kim Kardashian almost missed her surprise proposal.

The 33-year-old reality TV star admits she almost didn't get to see her fiancé Kanye West going down on one knee last month because she was laid up in bed with a stomach bug.

Kim's sister Khloe explained: ''She was talking to me earlier that day because she wasn't feeling well.

''She was like, 'I'm so sick, I don't want to go anywhere. I just wish I could lay in bed', and I thought, 'If she doesn't get on that plane we're all screwed!' ''

The 36-year-old rapper rented out the AT&A baseball stadium in San Francisco as well as an orchestra and even made sure his beau - whom he shares four-month-old daughter North - was dressed for the occasion by pretending he was taking her for a meal.

Speaking to The Independent newspaper, Kim said: ''He told me we were having dinner for my birthday and to wear, you know, a pretty dress. Something that I would wear for a birthday dinner. So I just thought it was him and I going to San Francisco for my birthday.'

''I was like, 'Babe are you sure you don't just want to have dinner in LA tonight, your show's not until tomorrow night in San Francisco. Let's just chill at home', but he said we had a reservation.''