Kim Kardashian West's puppy still pees on her furniture.

The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star bought her Teacup Pomeranian named Sushi three months ago for her four-year-old daughter North, but it looks like she's having a little trouble house training the fluff ball as the mucky mutt is still urinating on her sofa.

In response to a fan on Twitter who asked how Sushi was doing because there have been no recent pictures of the diminutive doggy, Kim said: ''She just peed on my couch.''

The 36-year-old beauty bought the dog as a set of two, with Kim's sister Kourtney Kardashian gifting the other pooch to her five-year-old daughter Penelope.

And, although the youngster immediately settled on the name Honey for her pet pooch, North wasn't so successful with choosing a moniker for her new best friend.

So much so that Kim - who also has 22-month-old son Saint with her husband Kanye West - asked Twitter for help after they narrowed it down to four potential names.

She wrote at the time: ''So still no name for North's puppy. This is what she came up with so far... Peachy Pop (peaches for short), Baby Jesus, Cutie Pie, & Goldie. Please help us pick the final name! Wait the other name on her list is Sushi! I forgot that one. I will make a poll (sic)''

And, although Peachy Pop eventually won the vote by just four percent, second place moniker Sushi was chosen as the favourite by the family.

Kim later wrote: ''FYI the puppy's name is Sushi (sic)''

Posting a picture of the pups on Instagram just hours after she picked them up, Kim revealed: ''Sister puppies for North & P! Penelope named hers honey. What should we name ours? (sic)''

Kim also took a video with North's puppy kissing her neck, and asked: ''You guys how cute is North's little puppy? What shall we name you?''