LATEST: Attorneys for Paris Hilton's best pal Kim Kardashian plan to file a lawsuit to stop the release of an X-rated tape featuring Kardashian and her former boyfriend, singer Ray J, making love. The tape, which is already posted on the Internet, features the Hollywood stylist performing sex acts on Brandy's little brother, who is now dating Whitney Houston. The 26-year-old insists she had "nothing to do" with the tape being made public and admits she is "hurt and embarrassed" about the tape falling into the hands of bosses at DVD porn firm Vivid Entertainment, who hope to release it as a DVD. Yesterday (07FEB07) website obtained a sample of the sex tape and posted it in cyberspace. Kardashian, the daughter of OJ Simpson's former attorney ROBERT KARDASHIAN, insists she will be issuing a statement about developments to prevent a planned DVD release and plans to take legal action immediately.