Reality TV star Kim Kardashian and funnyman Jason Segel are among the stars urging mums to get breast cancer screenings as 'gifts' to themselves this Mother's Day (13May12).
Neil Patrick Harris, Josh Duhamel, Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell hare also taped Word To Your Mother videos encouraging women to get screened as America celebrates Mother's Day this weekend.
The short clips, shot for cancer research organisation The Noreen Fraser Foundation, stress the importance of early detection in the fight against the deadly disease.
In her video, Kardashian says, "Taking care of your health is the best gift you can give yourself. So please remember, eat healthy, exercise and get screened."
And Segel jokes, "Hey, you obviously know who I am. I'm Jason Segel, star of TV and film. I've given you a lot of comedy and all I ask is you give me one thing in return. Go make an appointment for your mammogram or pap smear. It's the least you could do for all I've given you. Happy Mother's Day."