Kim Kardashian begins her divorce proceedings from Kris Humphries this week, with the New Jersey Nets throwing a potential curveball into the negotiations. The man who was married to Kardashian for just 72 days claims that her mother and business manager Kris Jenner staged her sex-tape with Ray J in order to make her a star, reports
Sensationally, Humphries says Jenner not only directed the clip, but persuaded Kim to do re-shoots because she didn't look "pretty" enough. Humphries reportedly made the claims to his former girlfriend Myla Sinanaj. The accusations could be potentially damaging to the Kardashian family - especially if Humphries decides to bring them up in court, given that he's attempting to prove that Kim married him to win ratings for her popular E! reality show. The 'wedding episode' pulled in millions of viewers, and interest in the subsequent breakup reached fever pitch. Kardashian subsequently began dating the superstar rapper Kanye West, cementing her status as one of the biggest television stars in the world. During a candid interview on Sunday (June 24, 2012), Kim told Oprah Winfrey that she was "bored" during her 72-day marriage to Humphries, though sources tell the New York Daily News that the comments were a "sympathy play" designed to drum up public support ahead of the divorce proceedings.
Kardashian has admitted that the sex-tape skyrocketed her to global fame, though claims it only made her work harder to show fans 'the real her'.