30 Rock returned with its second live show of the season on Thursday (April 26, 2012) and fans could be forgiven for missing a couple of high profile cameos. Just as the episode was beginning, a familiar face found herself in shot - none other than E! star Kim Kardashian.

Looking professional in black trousers and a camel blazer, Kim walked into Jack's office (Alec Baldwin) as a Cabletown co-worker who needed to use the toilet. JACK BRAYER's character Kenneth let her in and Kardashian shook his hand and mouthed "Thank you". It wasn't the only blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo either, with Saturday Night Live stars Amy Poehler and Jimmy Fallon also making an appearance. Kim had warned her Twitter followers of the cameo in good time, saying, "I hear 30 Rock is great tonight... Might want to tune in", before adding, "Anyone see 30 Rock tonight??? I had a blast!!!! Love this show!". Later in the episode, Mad Men's Jon Hamm made an appearance, as did Sir Paul McCartney.

Earlier this month, Alec Baldwin has hinted that he may leave the show after reporters from NBC arrived at his New York apartment to cover a story about his stalker. He later clarified the comments, saying 30 Rock was due to end in 2013 anyway.