Kim Gordon has collaborated with & Other Stories on a fashion range.

The 64-year-old musician has joined forces with the fashion house on a new clothing line, which is set to launch on Thursday (31.08.17), and the star decided to go ahead with the partnership because she regularly shops in the store.

And the singer's 23-year-old daughter Coco Gordon Moore is set to star in the campaign for the brand.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about her latest venture, the Sonic Youth band member said: ''They asked me! I like the store, Coco and I have shopped there.''

The 'Last Days' actress has revealed her collection is ''obscure'' because it features paintings she has created, as well as phrases that remind her of her close friends.

She explained: ''I did a series of paintings using names of noise bands because I liked idea of taking something obscure and putting it onto a canvas in a commercial context. I saw the canvas like a T-shirt. I'd also done some abstract paintings on rice paper, loaded them up with paint so they wrinkle and drip, and another series using one word of a song lyric on each page. Someone at & Other Stories saw [my work] and liked it. I only realized yesterday that some people might think ''Her'' is a reference to Hillary Clinton! It wasn't meant to be. I was trying to think of other words that went with Other Stories. The phrase 'Morning Mirror' comes from a friend who says she doesn't like to look at herself for an hour after she wakes up.''

Although Kim has launched her clothing line she has admitted she has a ''love hate'' relationship with the fashion industry because she likes clothes a lot more than she lets on.

She said: ''I have a love-hate, I think a lot of people do. I do really like clothes, I can't say I don't and I'm probably more of a consumer than I should be.''