SEX + THE CITY star Kim Cattrall has treated her sister to a whole new wardrobe after betting her she couldn't lose 12lbs (5.4kg) in six months.

The actress hoped she'd lose the bet - because she knew how important it was for her sister to shed the pounds - and she gladly treated her to a bumper spending spree in New York.

She says, "I made a bet with her if she lost the 12lbs that she had wanted to lose, I would bring her to New York and I would buy her a whole new wardrobe. She did it."

Cattrall was hoping to spend a little more quality time with her sibling, but plans to go on a quiet cruise have been wrecked by family and friends.

The actress explains, "It started out just the two of us and then my mother wanted to come, and her two kids wanted to come, and then my brother wanted to come and his wife, and then my best friend and her mom. So now we're all going.

"We have this amazing suite with a Jacuzzi a swimming pool and a butler on a Norwegian cruise line."

13/08/2003 20:54