Kim Cattrall has banned herself from calling her family.

The Liverpool-born actress - whose family emigrated to Canada when she was just three months old, returning for five years when she was 11 - plays British divorcee Amanda in new play 'Private Lives' on London's West End and she has had to take drastic measures to ensure nothing jeopardises her accurate portrayal of the character.

She said: "I'm not calling home as much as I used to because I start sounding American again.

"I've been around British accents all my life. But I've worked quite hard to get it right."

Kim - who worked with a dialect coach and immersed herself in British television to prepare for the play - is best known for her role as Samantha Jones in 'Sex And The City'.

Despite being divorced three times, the 53-year-old star insists she is nothing like her man-eater Alter Ego.

She added to the BBC: "As you can see, I don't talk like Samantha or act like Samantha unless I'm paid to. In some ways, I wish I was more like her, she's so ballsy."

Kim is proud of her youthful looks but admits she hates having her appearance judged on her age.

She fumed: "This adage 'She looks good for her age'... Why can't I just 'look good?' "

Despite her advancing years, Kim insists she has no desire to turn back the clock.

Asked if she wanted to be 25 again, she told Easy Living magazine: "God, no. No, no, no. I had a good time but I don't want to be 25, and I don't want to look that way, either. I like the way I look, and I like the way I feel."