Kim Cattrall is "hopeful" of marrying again.

The 54-year-old actress - whose two-year union to Larry Davis was annulled in 1979, and who has also been wed to Andre J. Lyson and Mark Levinson - insists her previous experiences haven't put her off walking down the aisle again in future.

She said: "It hasn't put me off at all. In face, my attitude is I'm quite hopeful.

"I think I'm in a really good place and I hope I'll meet someone who's in a good place too. Who knows what will happen?"

Kim admits her career can be "lonely" so she has learned to use her spare time well in order to keep busy and stop herself missing her loved ones when she is away on location.

She explained to Stylist magazine: "I have learned that acting is your craft but you also need to have a life.

"You need to recognise that three months on location in the middle of nowhere, far from your family, is very uprooting and that you need to have hobbies and surround yourself with people who support you because it can be a very lonely lifestyle."