Kim Cattrall was never afraid to give her opinion to Patricia Field when it came to outfits for 'Sex And The City'.

The actress - who has played maneater Samantha Jones in both the TV series and movie versions - admits she would quite happily tell the show's stylist if she didn't feel comfortable in something and didn't want to wear it.

Kim - who starred alongside Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon - said: "There was always an option and sometimes I would say to Pat, 'Look this doesn't feel right, I have to do this in this scene and this outfit doesn't facilitate that' and she would always be open to that.

"Sometimes the fittings would be eight hours long and your whole body would ache from having clothes pulled on and off. I'm not a sample size like Sarah and Kristin and I couldn't wear a lot of the clothes the young designers would send us. I'd wear a lot of vintage - some of things I wore were like pieces of art."

She also insisted she was never jealous of her co-stars' wardrobes as she knew some outfits wouldn't suit her.

She told "I was never into any of Kristin's sweet dresses or Sarah's outfits - there were a few pieces of Sarah's that I liked on their own but not the outfits as such. The thing about Patricia was that she knew the actresses body types very well."