The Sex and the City star, 60, was born in Liverpool, England although her parents emigrated to Canada with her when she was just three months old.

She returned to England age 11 and has previously spoken of her intention to be buried in a family plot in the city's Holy Trinity Church, Wavertree in the event of her death.

Over Christmas (16) her cousin Michelle Cox - whose mother is the sister of Kim's father - was shocked to discover the headstone marking the final resting place of mum Edna, Kim's aunt, and their grandparents had been removed and replaced with one on which the actress and her father Dennis' names had been added.

The new inscription contains the legend 'The Liverpool Cleopatra', a reference to Kim's 2010 role in a Liverpool production of the play Antony and Cleopatra.

An outraged Michelle told the website Liverpool Confidential, "I went to the cemetery on Christmas Day just to spend time where my mother was resting. I go there quite a few times a year, especially on her birthday, Mother's Day and at Christmas.

"As I was approaching the grave I realised something was wrong. The old headstone had been removed and in its place was a new one containing the name of my uncle, Kim's dad, as well as Kim's, showing her birth year as 1956, but with space to add, at some time, a year of death.

"Underneath the name 'Kim Victoria' were the words 'The Liverpool Cleopatra'. I was stunned and have not been able to get this off my mind ever since."

According to Michelle, her mother became estranged from the Cattrall family after she started a relationship with her father, who was from Barbados.

Although her dad elected to be buried in his homeland, the Liverpool nurse had assumed she would be able to be buried with her mother until discovering Kim's intentions. She is now looking into the legal status of the burial plot.

After hearing of Michelle's objections, a publicist for the Canadian-British star told Liverpool Confidential that in 2010 the star had made arrangements for her father to be buried with his parents in the family grave.

The spokesperson added, "Her father passed away in 2012 and per his wishes his ashes were placed with his parents and sister in the family grave. A new headstone was commissioned to include her father's and her name. It was finally put up before Christmas. Kim Cattrall was not aware or informed of any relations with the Cox family and the Cattrall family plot."