SEX AND THE CITY star Kim Cattrall has become the unlikely new face of TETLEY tea bags - but she's refusing to ditch her sexy image.

In the British commercial, Cattrall continues the raunchy persona she developed as SAMANTHA in the hit TV series, when she visits her Aunt - played by East is East actress LESLEY NICOL - and asks for camomile tea to help her sleep.

Nicol replies, "Mind you, you don't waste much time sleeping do you love?" Cattrall then responds by fondling a large tube of tea adding, "I must say this Earl Grey is very impressive."

Cattrall, 49, explains, "My mother is a huge tea drinker and Tetley is her favourite."

Marketing manager ANDREW DOBSON adds, "This is a huge launch for us. Kim is ideal as we expect more women to drink the new teas."

29/08/2004 21:23