Kim Cattrall is grateful for the chance to reprise her saucy SEX + The City character in the film adaptation of the hit TV show - because she has terrible memories about the end of the series. The actress is glad to say she has replaced bad memories with happy memories after returning to play man-eater Samantha on the big screen. She explains, "The show was coming to an end, my dad was diagnosed with dementia and I was going through a divorce." Four years later and Cattrall's life has taken a turn for the better. She tells America's In Touch magazine, "I'm in a fantastic place. I have a wonderful boyfriend and I had so much fun. We had an amazing time together." And, despite stalling the movie over contractual demands, Cattrall insists she's looking forward to a planned movie sequel. She adds, "After being away for so much time, I was really longing to play Samantha again."