Kim Cattrall is following her Sex And The City character's example, by putting her girlfriends before men after her traumatic third divorce.

The blonde beauty - who played sassy SAMANTHA in the hit TV series - divorced Canadian writer LARRY DAVIS, German architect ANDREA LYSON and music producer MARK LEVINSON and now refuses to marry again, arguing that a man can never provide the loyalty, closeness and understanding of her female friends.

She explains, "Divorce is very hard, because it's the end of a dream. Your dream is that you're going to spend the rest of your life with someone and you're going to be together.

"If anything, my marriage is to my girlfriends now. I feel closest to them, they're my family.

"That was the great thing about Sex and the City. It wasn't a child that you bore, or a husband that you married, it was the friends that you nurtured and loved. And from now on, that's where I'm putting the energy in my life."

29/08/2004 10:50