Actress Kim Cattrall is begging her 18-year-old nephew not to sign up for service in Iraq - because her role in British wartime drama MY BOY JACK has made her more aware of dangers in the battlefield. Cattrall, who stars alongside Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe in the TV programme, has been sending her young nephew horrific newspaper articles in an attempt to stop him from serving in Iraq. She says, "Even though my 18-year-old nephew's grandfathers and great-grandfathers served in wars, there is no way I want to see my eager nephew sign up and serve in Iraq. And I have been anything but silent about it. My paternal grandfather was wounded at Passchendaele and when the Second World War was declared he signed up, dying of pneumonia after six months. My father grew up without a dad. My young nephew has bad vision, like Jack Kipling (Daniel Radcliffe's character), and can only see clearly through his right eye. Still his desire to serve is stronger than all the arguments. I don't want him to be part of any war but I am powerless. It's his decision. This doesn't stop me emailing and sending him articles to try to stop him."