The 62-year-old actress plays the older ex lover of naughty businessman Christian Grey in the second movie Fifty Shades Darker, due out next year (17). Kim's no stranger to racy roles on the silver screen, having played a woman having an affair in 1986 drama 9½ weeks. However, she initially had some reservations about starring in the new movie opposite hunk Jamie Dornan - until her famous daughter Ireland, whom she has with ex Alec Baldwin, swayed her.

“I’m sure there are people who associate me with Fifty Shades Darker because I starred in 9½ Weeks," Kim told The Edit. "But the only reason I accepted the role (Elena Lincoln) in Fifty Shades was because my daughter, Ireland, 20, insisted. She wasn’t enthralled with the first movie, but she knew the books.

"She said, ‘You have to do it, Mom, it’s really powerful for women. Your character is about a woman’s power.’ At first I thought, ‘Eww, I can’t do that dominatrix stuff, it’s not me.’ But it’s not like that. My character’s strength is more emotional and mental – she shows Christian all his moves.”

Kim loves how her Fifty Shades alter ego came into power at an early age - something the blonde star can relate to. The actress' outlook on life has changed over the years though, especially when it comes to romance. She remembers how difficult and public her divorce from Alec was in 2002, and has noticed her preference for the opposite sex differs from what it used to be.

“I think it’s possible to date someone when you’re 20 and end up with them when you’re 55," she shrugged. "Anything is possible. But my taste in men has changed a lot over the years.

"When you’re young you’re attracted to the ‘bad boy’, only to find out that they’re actually just bullies or insecure – you’re attracted to fantasies. Now, I’m more reality-based. As a sexual creature I’ve been attracted to a lot of different types, people that others have thought were unattractive. But showing kindness and humour are the most important things to me now."