Fans of Kim Basinger felt sure the actress had fallen on hard times when they saw her posing in front of a poster promoting her new film CELLULAR - but the actress was just waiting for a pal.

The OSCAR winner was left red-faced after a recent visit to the cinema when she was caught on her cell phone in front of a huge poster of her on a cell phone.

She explains, "I was standing there in the hall and all of a sudden I see people looking at me and sometimes that happens... but there are a group of people, then another group of people formed around me.

"They kept looking, whispering, laughing... and I'm going, 'How rude can you be?' I thought, 'I'm gonna make a call on my cell phone and then they'll go away - but another little group forms, then another little group.

"All of a sudden my girlfriend comes out of the bathroom, grabs me and says, `You moron.' She says, `Did you see what was behind you?' and behind me was a gigantic poster of Cellular with me, my face this big, on a cell phone, and here I am making a cell phone call.

"People must have been like, 'How much are you getting paid to come down here to the MANN theatre and stand in front of your poster?"

08/08/2004 10:30