LATEST: Actress Kim Basinger has broken her silence over the bitter custody battle between herself and ex-husband Alec Baldwin, insisting the actor's anger problems have led to her fighting against him spending more time with their daughter.

Basinger was dragged back to court by Baldwin on Monday (31OCT05) after he accused her of "child snatching" and violating the terms and conditions of a previous custody agreement.

In court in Los Angeles, the actor's legal team argued that Basinger has "a pathological need" to alienate their 10-year-old daughter IRELAND from him.

And now the Oscar-winning actress is hitting back, claiming her ex's violent temperament is responsible for the growing distance between himself and his daughter.

In a statement released late yesterday (02NOV05), Basinger storms, "Everyone knows about Alec Baldwin's behavioural problems - his anger, his rages - they are, unfortunately, legendary.

"If his relationship with his daughter is fractured, there is only one person to blame and it is himself."

The warring ex-couple are due back in court in Los Angeles next month (DEC05) to fight the custody battle.