Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman loves recording new music in Madrid, Spain - because it's one place on earth where the band is sure to fight.
Coleman reveals guitarist Geordie insists a 'Mars Line' runs through the city - and the energy of the place creates big problems for the bandmates. But that doesn't seem to bother the singer.
The Love Like Blood hitmaker says, "There's certain places that are harmonious for the band to assemble and certain places where we will definitely fight.
"Every time we go there (Madrid), it's just one all-out fight - but I think that's good for Killing Joke."
But Coleman reveals every album venture is "traumatic" no matter where the band records.
He adds, "I can't think of a single Killing Joke album that wasn't traumatic. Why it has to be so traumatic, I don't really know, but it always is... It's a total upheaval.
"After finishing this new album, (Mmxii), I couldn't listen to music for a month and a half."