Kill Bill star VIVICA A. Fox is considering adoption because she never wants a child to remind her of a romance gone wrong. The actress, who briefly dated 50 Cent after splitting from husband Christopher Harvest, admits no man has ever convinced her that having a child naturally is worthwhile. Fox says, "I haven't met anybody that I want to be reminded of. You gotta think about that for 18 years because, more than likely, you, as a woman, you're gonna be stuck raising the kids. "Knowing me, I'd have a baby by somebody I can't stand and he'd (baby) look just like him (boyfriend). "It'd be like, 'Damn, here you come again today...' You don't want to take it out on the child." So the 43-year-old actress is now considering adopting a baby and becoming a single mum. She adds, "I've gotten a little old to be walking around pregnant (but) I'd make a wonderful mom. I'm good with kids. I love kids. It's just that (pregnancy) hasn't happened in my life."