Kill Bill actress VIVICA A. Fox's much talked-about romance with superstar rapper 50 CENT has come to an end.

Trouble between the pair reportedly started at last month (OCT03) at Monaco's WORLD MUSIC AWARDS with 39-year-old Fox furious with the amount of female attention the rap superstar was getting.

During a recent radio interview in New York City, 27-year-old 50 Cent - real name CURTIS JACKSON - admitted, "We're no more. It just didn't work out."

And in a separate interview with presenter SKIP CHEATUM on K104 in Dallas, Texas, the rapper went on to say, "We're over," before announcing on air that he was looking for in his next relationship.

He told listeners, "I'm looking for a woman with substance, one that's intelligent, and she doesn't have to be all that beautiful, but just have themselves together."

06/11/2003 09:49