Kieran Hayler is ''shocked'' by how much smaller Katie Price's new boobs are.

The sexy star had breast reduction surgery in November and has revealed her husband - with whom she has two children, 16-month-old son Jett and four-month-old daughter Bunny - is struggling to adjust to her new bust, which has shrunk down by several sizes from a 32DD.

Katie, 36, explained: ''Before the operation, he said, 'Don't go too small.' He isn't a boob man but he is shocked at how small they are! People know when I do something it's usually to the extreme and I have done this to the extreme. I feel so much lighter!''

And Katie admits that although she thinks more surgery may be necessary in the future, she's going to resist the temptation to go under the knife again.

Katie - who married Kieran in 2013 but is set to renew her vows with him in January following his infidelities with two of her friends - told Star magazine: ''I will always have Botox but there isn't anything that I want surgery wise. There are probably things that I need ... but I don't want to.''

The former glamour model also acknowledges she feels far more body confident around her husband, having spent so much of their relationship either pregnant with their children or recovering from giving birth.

Katie said: ''I feel really confident about myself. You have got to remember I got pregnant five weeks after meeting Kieran. He's only known me big, so for me to be like this is exciting!''