Former child star Kieran Culkin has ignored his bossy father CHRISTOPHER for the last five years - and is finally getting over the scars of his young life.

Kieran, like his HOME ALONE star brother MACAULAY, was sent to work from the age of eight by his dad, known as KIT, spending a miserable childhood filming movie after movie until the Culkin family finally 'divorced' him following a bitter custody dispute - and the IGBY GOES DOWN star believes he will never reconcile with his father.

He explains, "My memories of him are fading. I remember I didn't like him when I was growing up, not because of the way he was treating me, but because of how he treated everybody - the screaming and the humiliation.

"No matter how hard I try, I can never think of any good stuff Kit did - and now I have to concentrate to think of the really bad stuff, too. Does that mean I'm getting over it?"

13/06/2003 17:26