Kiefer Sutherland was left redfaced when his daughter showed him a praising letter from her university tutors – the star flew into a rage after mistakenly assuming bosses at the institute were asking him for money.
The 24 star's daughter Sarah studied at New York University and recently completed her course as an honour student, but Sutherland was convinced her official letter was meant for him.
He tells British chat show host Jonathan Ross, "My daughter just graduated NYU and she was on the Dean's list as an honour student, so she got this wonderful letter and she gets to wear a gold tassel at her graduation.
"She handed me the letter and it was so embarrassing because I didn’t have my glasses on. All I saw was Ms. Sutherland and I thought it was Mr. It was, 'You've been honoured...' and it was like, 'How much more money do these people want?' - I thought it was to me. I was going, 'I just gave them money last month!' and she went: 'It's about me dad.'"
And the actor came close to tears when he realised the letter was actually praising his daughter.
Sutherland adds, "I got my glasses on and I started reading the letter and it talked about her grade point average and her success and how thrilled they were to have her in school. I did start to lose it there."