LATEST: 24 actor Kiefer Sutherland is proving to be a "model prisoner", three days after beginning his prison sentence for a drink-driving conviction. The star turned himself into Los Angeles police on Wednesday (05Dec07) - two weeks prior to his scheduled booking date of 21 December (07) - and started serving his 48 days behind bars at the private Glendale City Jail. Sutherland was handed the sentence after he was caught driving under the influence in September (07). And the 40-year-old has been on his best behaviour ever since. Prison spokesman Officer John Balian says, "He's not happy to be here, but you can tell from his demeanour that he's sorry and takes responsibility for what he's done." Sutherland has been given his own accommodation - which is standard procedure for "long term" inmates - and is helping out in the prison kitchen, serving meals to up to 10 other inmates. But the actor will not come into contact with his fellow prisoners - one of which was jailed for the attempted murder of four people - because he will only slide the food trays through slots in the cell doors. Sutherland was also sentenced to five years probation on Wednesday by L.A. Judge Stuart M. Rice, who insisted the star must complete an 18-month alcohol education program and attend weekly therapy sessions for six months.