Actor Kiefer Sutherland is desperate to debut his hit show 24 on the big screen - but only after the TV series is cancelled.
The Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning show has enjoyed mega success with American audiences since its debut in 2001, and though Sutherland is convinced his character is destined for a movie debut, he admits he's worried the project would upset the over-worked series' writers.
He says, "We're going to eventually (make a 24 movie) one day - if (fans) are still interested by then.
"It's so hard for the writers to just even get through the season. They're very good, but it's just the equivalent of making 12 films a year and then they have to come up with a whole new idea in the break for the next year.
"So we all agreed to preserve the series, just to focus on that - and then, when the series is done, we would embark on the film."